Time Warp! Movies That Make Your Brain Hurt

Prepare yourselves. This Sunday, April 3rd, EPIX be hosting a time warp stunt! All things time and space will have your head spinning and your clock ticking. To add to the excitement, Terminator Genisys will make its World Wide Television premiere. Whether you have to wind your clock forward or backward, you won’t want to miss this. Take a look at the fierce lineup we have in store for you!

Terminator Genisys

Premiering 4/3 on EPIX, this James Cameron sci-fi flick will provide you enough action for the year! When an unexpected turn of events creates an altered timeline, Jai Courtney must time travel to reset the future. He finds that his mother, Emilia Clarke, is a highly-skilled fighter. When you’ve been raised by a terminator guardian who may also happen to be Arnold Schwarzenegger, life is good. This trio sets out to re-align this fractured timeline, and the goal is to make it out alive.

Hot Tub Time Machine 2

Grab a swimsuit and travel in time with a simple dip in a hot tub! When Craig Robinson, Adam Scott and team plan on traveling back in time AGAIN, they are shocked when they land themselves in the future. They must be careful as to what damage they do…one wrong move and the past (which is really the present) will suffer. I feel a headache coming on already!!!


Warning. Your brain WILL hurt during and after this 3 hour movie. Leave it to Christopher Nolan to turn the heat up. Will you want to figure out how time has been warped for Matthew McConaughey as he discovers if planets other than earth are inhabitable to mankind, and at what expense? Absolutely. This movie will make you question everything from time and space to human existence and fate.

Tune in to EPIX Sunday, April 3rd to catch the Time Travel stunt we have playing or watch all these movies online or with the EPIX app on demand!


  • James Cooper

    You are talking about Terminator Genisys affect our brain.In this part I agree with you some of the movie really damage our original bring this tour, but is that true is some movie open our eyes which is doing it and which is never done it.