Transformers: Age of Extinction


The fourth installment of the Transformers series is as big and entertaining as any of its predecessors. Transformers: Age of Extinction (the highest-grossing film of 2014) takes place 5 years after the Battle of Chicago, in a world where Autobots are forced to hide from a secret government unit led by an evil robotic bounty hunter (Stanley Tucci). A mechanic from Texas (Mark Wahlberg) has to try to restore humanity before all of the Autobots are taken.

Below, see our top 5 things that make this Transformers a must-see!


1. Michael Bay

For the final time in the series, Michael Bay – yes, the king of the blockbuster himself – directs explosions, chases, and robots in a way the nobody in the business can. Above, listen to the cast’s take on working with Bay.


2. Optimus Prime


Everyone’s favorite Autobot is bigger and better than ever before.


3. Mark Wahlberg


For the first time, Wahlberg appears in the Transformers series. And he does not disappoint. Markie Mark plays the ultra-protective father/superhero like no one else could.


4. The Cars


The cars in this film are out of this world. From the Lamborghini to the Camaro to the Pagani, Age of Extinction has a parking lot of dream rides.


5. The Dinobots


Dinobots are featured in the series for the first time. They’re extremely badass.


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