Vote For Me! Election is Now Playing on EPIX

Elections Tracy Flick, played by Reese Witherspoon, is the only politician’s campaign I will be following this election season – I’m not sure I can handle anyone else. Don’t get me wrong – she’s as cutthroat as Donald and as calculated as Hilary, but she skips the rallies and woos her voters with baked goods, and that’s a platform I can support!


But every campaign is wrought with scandal, and even though there are no opposing candidates (at first), Tracy’s is no different. She kinda-sorta had an affair with a married teacher and totally destroyed his life while getting off scot-free, and maybe accidentally is guilty of destroying some school property but that all depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is… right? She takes school council seriously, and won’t be deterred by some injured jock (Chris Klein), scorned woman (Tammy Metzler) or – least of all – an irritable and personally scorned teacher with a personal vendetta against her (Matthew Broderick).


This dark comedy is a classic and although it’s nearly 17 years old, the storyline seem like they could be ripped from today’s paper. Politicians fighting dirty? What a novel concept.


Come November 8th, consider my vote spoken for – Tracy Flick for student council president! Help me make Omaha high schools great again by stuffing the ballot box and watching Election, now playing on EPIX and