#WCW: Nia Long

You wanna focus? Focus on this! Our #WomenCrushWednesday this week goes out to Nia Long. Do you know who she is? Kanye does and let’s just say he’ll never forget her either…

We’ve been fans of Nia Long since her days on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, when she played Will Smith’s fiancee. Now, the ever lovely, always charming Long stars in Tyler Perry’s The Single Moms Club and delivers a stellar performance we can’t help but admire.


She continues to be one of the most attractive women to ever set foot on a screen. Long constantly impresses with her beautiful smile but her acting skills are just as phenomenal. In Single Moms’ Club, she’s a newspaper reporter and aspiring writer, but her biggest struggle is raising her adolescent son alone. C’mon, you gotta love that hustle!


Forced to organize the school dance after their kids get in trouble, she and four other single mothers get together and end up having more than one adventure that puts them through emotional roller coaster rides.

Check out Nia Long, this week’s #WCW, right now on EPIX and tell us why you love her in the comments below!