Wedding Pre-Season Training: What to Watch in Preparation

Have you drained your bank account on travel, crystal candlesticks, and NSFW bachelorette party props? That can only mean one thing – Weddings Are Coming. And if you’re going to have serious conversations about the difference between “blush” and “bashful” without cracking up, you’ll need to enlist in our Wedding Pre-Season Training Program.

the big wedding still 6

Warm up and ease into the impending marital drama with The Big Wedding. The bride and groom in this flick have to deal with two-timing parents, adoption, and dysfunctional siblings… the whole wedding kit and kaboodle. You thought your drunken uncle was bad? Think again!

Helena from the Wedding

Get in the game with a glimpse into what happens after the “I dos” with Helena from the Wedding. Sometimes the real drama doesn’t emerge until after the last thank you card has been sent. In this case, hot newlywed sex is in jeopardy when someone even hotter and less married enters the picture.

Fools Rush In[1]

Huddle up and cool down from all that marriage intensity with the original (aka no Chandler) Fools Rush In. But it isn’t all caught bouquets and open bars – they’re one place card short when the bride’s long-lost father arrives, and (shocker!) drama ensues.

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